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Buy or sell a motor yacht, you want to do with a professional company that has all the know-how in house.

Altena Yacht Brokers is the company for you, whether it is a valuation, buying/selling, trade-in, total refit, expertise of in-exchange ships, ship lifts for inspection, winter or summer storage. We have everything under one roof.

Our team is the motto 100, the customer is king.

Before A final negotiation is concluded, the following issues must be clear to both parties. Altena Yacht Brokers examines the following points for you:

  • Is the ship registered in the Land Registry
  • Is there another mortgage on
  • Who is the rightful owner
  • There are several owners
  • Is there a separation behind or inheriting
  • Is there VAT paid
  • The ship Has a CE verification

If All this is checked, the purchase agreement is signed and the mediation can begin.

Altena Yacht Brokers expressly ensures that the agreements made in the sales agreement are strictly adhered to. After this, Altena Yacht brokers will take care of the financial settlement. For us it is very important that we have received some good ambassadors in this way.

Are you curious what we can Do for you? Please Contact us.

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