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The purchase of a yacht is often a difficult decision and an investment. As a buyer of a yacht you expect certainty and expertise. Altena Yachtbrokers is part of the Altena Yachting shipyard, a company with more than fifty years of experience in building and selling yachts. This makes Altena Yachtbrokers able to advise and support you at all times during the purchase of your dream yacht!

Important points when purchasing a yacht

  • Certainty

Buying a boat is a big investment, you will not buy a boat if you are not sure about your purchase. You want to be sure that the boat is in good condition and that you pay the right price. To guarantee security, we are affiliated with the HISWA association and our Yachtbrokers are EMCI certified.

  • Purchase inspection

The purchase inspection is important when purchasing a boat. This inspection is done by an independent judge who you as the buyer may choose yourself.


Altena Yachtbrokers knows better than anyone what it means for you to sell your ship. Therefore it is our task to do this as carefully as possible. Altena Yachtbrokers works with a clear and active sales procedure that is put together and pursued in close consultation with you as the client.

Important points when selling a yacht

  • Presentation of your yacht

It is important to take beautiful, well-arranged photos of your yacht. In the current internet age, the photos are so important that we like to pay attention to good images! In addition, it is important to make the information with the advertisement as complete as possible, the more that people know about the ship in advance, the fewer doubts are raised.

  • Interior presentation

During a viewing, an interested party must get the feeling of his “own” ship as much as possible. This means that it is important to remove personal items from the ship and to empty the storage spaces, cabins and refrigerators. For example, a good image of the ship is displayed during a viewing, without anyone’s belongings getting in the way. In addition, it is important that the ship is clean and fresh, the first impression is often decisive! This is also important for taking good photos so that we can present your ship as well as possible.

  • Exterior presentation

It is important to present your yacht clean and tidy. If you choose to place your ship with us in the sales harbor, we can, in consultation with you, keep the ship up to date so that it can be viewed at any time.

  • The correct asking price

As a ship owner, you are quickly inclined to overestimate the value of your boat. This is partly due to the emotional value that you attach to your boat and the price that was paid for the boat at the time. It is important that the correct asking price is asked, a too high asking price can mean that your boat will be on sale unnecessarily long and that naturally also costs you money. The market situation is constantly changing and that is why we make a personal sales proposal with current market research. This allows us to demonstrate a realistic asking price and expected selling price and / or bids.

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