265 WA

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265 WA
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Northstar 265 WA from 2007, propulsion by means of two Mercury Verado petrol engines at 175 HP each.


The fast sailing ship has easily accessible gangways and a spacious rear cockpit together with the spacious steering position. The steering position is equipped with all the necessary luxuries such as a chartplotter, radar, digital counters, depth gauge, etc. The two outboard motors can be trimmed to the correct position via the throttle levers. In addition, consumption, speed and number of revolutions are also digitally displayed on the screens.


The inside of the Northstart 265 WA is equipped with a spacious dinette, which can also be quickly converted into a large double bed by means of an adjustable table. In addition, a day toilet, kitchen with refrigerator, stove and large sink with tap. The Wallas cooker can also be used as an extra heater on board because of the hot air it can generate.


In the rear part of the ship is storage space, this space can also be used as a second bed by means of the cushions. As a result, there are four berths on board.





1 x outside and 1 x inside in toilet

Engine, electrics, water

2x Electric trimflaps
Fuel consumption:
7 litres/hour at 8 km/hour - 115 litres/hour at 70 km/hour
+1 x 165 ah for accessory
Battery charger:
Mastervolt Mass Combi 12/2200-100 / Victron Blue Smart 12/30/3 outputs
From Mercury Verado x2

Navigation and electronics

Explorer AP380, currently not working due to missing rudder position indicator
M121 Northstar, Radome 4 KW
M121 Northstar
Chart plotter:
M121 Northstar


MOB system:
Present in M121 Northstar
Bilge pump:
3x present

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